Troika Announces the Groundbreaking of Its Second Purpose-Built Rental Housing Initiative

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In a move to reshape Kelowna's housing future, Troika Management Corp broke ground today on their Asher Road rental project in Rutland's heart. More than just a building, this endeavor sparks a flame of hope for many, blending affordability with community-driven living. This 5-storey 127-unit building offers green sanctuaries, smart amenities, and a promise of sustainability.

[Kelowna, BC, September 12, 2023] - In an ambitious effort to combat Kelowna's housing crisis, local real estate development firm, Troika Management Corp, proudly announces the official groundbreaking of their second purpose-built rental housing initiative located on Asher Road. This momentous event signifies Troika's unwavering commitment to address and tackle Kelowna's escalating housing challenges.

Positioned strategically in the bustling hub of Rutland, the Asher Road project takes a proactive step towards alleviating the pressing need for rental housing solutions in Kelowna. This project isn't just another building; its giving many people hope by offering a comfortable, community-focused, and affordable place to live — a combination increasingly challenging to achieve in today's market.

Highlighting the significance of this development for Troika and Kelowna, Renee Merrifield, Co-CEO of Troika, said, "The Asher Road development is not just a project; it embodies our promise to the future of Kelowna. Our city is grappling with a housing crisis, and with this development, we are taking decisive steps to address the imbalance between demand, supply, and affordability." Renee emphasized the project's aim to provide not just homes but sustainable and thriving communities. "We aren't just building homes; we're crafting a legacy of hope, community, and sustainability," she affirmed.

Spanning a 1.04-acre infill site, now designated as the Urban Centre 4 (UC4), plans are afoot for a 5-storey building comprising 127 rental units. Envisaged with the residents in mind, the design includes amenities like green spaces, a rooftop BBQ area, touchless smart parcel boxes, an outdoor dining space, and a landscaped communal patio. This modern housing vision will not only ease the strain on housing demand but will also complement Kelowna's urban fabric.

Mirroring Troika Management Corporation's sustainability aspirations, the Asher Road project is infused with green features. Residents can anticipate energy-efficient appliances, solar panels, and green sanctuaries, all geared towards a sustainable living approach that responds to environmental concerns, all while addressing the housing shortage.

Promoting community-centric growth, the development comes equipped with parks, recreational zones, and transit facilities. The Rutland Transit Exchange's strategic location ensures efficient connectivity to UBCO and downtown, enhancing the convenience quotient for residents.

As they steer this project forward, Troika Management Corporation has enlisted a stellar team of experts. From visionary architects and adept engineers to seasoned contractors, the collaboration promises a seamless integration of design and functionality. With a commitment to community, the firm stresses continuous engagement with local stakeholders, ensuring the Asher Road development resonates with Kelowna's housing aspirations.

As Troika charts this new course, the anticipation surrounding the Asher Road project grows. Troika extends its appreciation to everyone involved in this project and invites the community to join them in their mission for a brighter, sustainable future for Kelowna.

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