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We take pride in having a connected team and inclusive culture. All of our achievements have come from a combined TRIBE effort. We truly value the difference we make in our customers' lives and in the community.


Where We Started

When Renee Merrifield created Troika in the late 1990s, she knew relationships would always be at the heart of everything it touched. Brad Klassen joined seven years later, and Troika continued to grow and thrive. 

By focusing on exceeding expectations, adding value to every project and creating opportunities for others, what started from nothing is now a true success story. Troika has expanded throughout Western Canada, passionately building sustainable communities one home at a time.

Troika values and vision (tribe) with female CEO

Our Mission

We build sustainable communities. Troika Management Corp is both strategic and holistic in our approach to create the best possible environment for families. Deep thought goes into every detail, and we work hard to always deliver what we promise.

Our values - TRIBE

Troika operates by applying five governing principles, called tribe values. These values guide our conduct and relationships with our clients, colleagues and stakeholders.


We cultivate a team-based environment at Troika, and everything we do revolves around relationships. You
can teach skills but it’s hard to teach character, so we seek out people who believe in our values and who'll thrive as part of our tribe.


Our strong reputation has opened many doors for us across Canada. We've worked to make our name synonymous with quality, integrity, and commitment.


Growth, flexibility, and seeking out new opportunities is at the forefront of who we are. Empowering team members with new ideas has allowed us to expand through Western Canada.


We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box, being creative, and staying at the forefront. We've never been afraid to do things differently and adapt to whatever society needs us to be.


We're constantly asking ourselves how we can do things better. Quality has never been an issue at Troika. Our goal with every project is to exceed expectations.

Why does our values spell TRIBE?

We have learned so much from our Indigenous neighbors, employees, contractors, and friends, including their strong matriarchal traditions and structures.  The matriarchal system is a cultural framework where women hold significant leadership roles in decision-making processes, family life, and community affairs.

As a corporation with a female founder, we recognize the value and importance of this part of the indigenous culture, and it strongly resonates with us. As such, we believe that incorporating indigenous values and perspectives into our business practices is not only the right thing to do, but also benefits our organization.

In using the acronym TRIBE with our values, we acknowledge the term's association with indigenous communities and cultures. We respect and honor the indigenous origins of the term and are committed to working with indigenous partners to ensure that our use of the acronym is culturally appropriate and respectful.

Furthermore, we have formed partnerships with indigenous communities and organizations to learn from their experiences and incorporate their perspectives into our business practices. We believe that these partnerships are essential for building meaningful relationships and creating positive change in the communities where we operate.  It is our small part in economic reconciliation.

In summary, our use of the TRIBE acronym is rooted in our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and respect for all individuals, including indigenous peoples. We are proud to work with indigenous partners and incorporate their values and perspectives into our business practices.

Meet the TRIBE

At Troika, we strive to deliver excellence and integrity with every project we lead. Our trusted partners and team of professionals are dedicated and exceptionally responsive to our clients’ needs.

Jeff Kennedy, VP Investments

Jeff Kennedy

VP Investments & Development

Nick Maloff

Financial Controller

Josh Klassen, Development Manager

Josh Klassen

Development Manager

Justin VannPashak

Development Manager

Carley Klaassen, Marketing Manager

Carley Klaassen

Marketing Manager

Jesse Griffith, Sales & Leasing Manager

Jesse Griffith

Sales & Leasing Manager

Mikhail Wasylyk, Investments Associate

Mikhail Wasylyk

Investments Manager

Nikki Williamson, Senior Accountant

Nikki Williamson

Senior Accountant

Dawn Manson

Accounts Payable Associate

Lisa Farrow, Executive Administrative Assistant

Lisa Farrow

Executive Administrative Assistant

Benjamin Franco

Development Coordinator

Tanya Shah

HR Coordinator

Advisory Board

At Troika, we are committed to delivering excellence and integrity in every project we undertake. Our Advisory Board consists of trusted partners and seasoned professionals who bring unparalleled expertise and dedication. Their guidance ensure we consistently achieve the highest standards of product and performance.

Ken Voth

Board Chair

Ken Voth is at the helm of a family-owned development and investment enterprise headquartered in White Rock, specializing in residential, industrial, and commercial projects across the Lower Mainland, Okanagan, and the Northwest and Eastern U.S.A. With over 52 years of experience and ownership in both the development and construction industries, Ken invests his time in his company as well as the next generation. Beyond his primary business, Ken has displayed his commitment to community service by serving as a credit union director since 1980, retiring after over 40 years on the board of First West Credit Union.  In addition, Ken is a philanthropist, and supports his community through the support of causes such as Canuck Place, Coast Mental Health, and Mackie’s Place.

Laurie Clark, CDI.D


Laurie Clark, a renowned technology innovator and Founder/CEO of Onyen Corporation, the fastest-growing tech company in Canada, recognized by RBC’s ‘One to Watch’ and ‘Women of Influence’ in 2023. She is also the founder of Canchek Corporation, a leading anti-money laundering system, and Smarten Up Institute (SUI), providing investment professionals with proficiency training. Laurie has successfully started, grown, and sold three prior companies, and is a staunch advocate for diversity, financial literacy, and social responsibility, supporting various causes including disabled youth, battered women, immigrants, financial professionals, and military veterans. She has been honored by the Women’s Executive Network (WXN) as one of Canada's Most Powerful Women in the Trailblazers and Trendsetters category in 2017 and 2019, and in 2021 for the WXN STEM category. Laurie also serves on multiple boards and is passionate about empowering women in business.

David Rush, K.C.


David, co-founder of Rush Ihas Hardwick LLP, boasts four decades in the legal arena, earning respect as a formidable litigator in complex commercial and family litigation. Pivoting to mediation, Dave’s expansive expertise covers shareholder disputes, real estate transactions, contested estates, high net-worth spousal disputes, and more. A hands-on mediator, he's appeared before all levels of court in British Columbia, the Federal Court of Canada, and various tribunals. Beyond his professional commitments, Dave is a dedicated mentor and stalwart of the Kelowna community, having served on numerous local boards including the City of Kelowna Advisory Planning Commission and as past president of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce. He's affiliated with the Law Society of British Columbia and the Kelowna Bar Association.

Meryle Corbett, FCPA, FCMA, C.Dir


With over 40 years of rich experience in finance, spanning industries such as oil and gas, consumer packaged foods, and aviation, Meryle is a Fellow and Chartered Professional Accountant (FCPA, FCMA) and a Chartered Director (C.Dir). She notably held significant roles at KF Aerospace, managing financial operations and overseeing its transformation from national to global reach. Having later served as CFO for KF Capital Ltd, Meryle specialized in international aircraft leasing and private family wealth management. In her retirement, Meryle transitioned to directorships and leadership consulting, notably at First West Credit Union. She has an ethos rooted in hiring the best and matching them with ideal roles, exemplified by her team-centric leadership. Her academic credentials include designations from McMaster University and the Society of Management Accountants of Canada.

Renee Merrifield, Partner, CEO

Renee Merrifield

Partner, CEO

Renée Merrifield is the founder and CEO of Troika Group, a company she started in the late 1990s. Renée holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Liverpool and was valedictorian of her first Master’s program at 21.

She served as the MLA for Kelowna Mission from 2020 to 2024, acting as the Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change Strategy, Technology and Innovation, and Citizen’s Services for the BC United caucus. Renée is a recognized leader in urban planning, housing, health, water conservation, and women's leadership.

Her accolades include WXN’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada (2017-2019), EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year (Pacific) in Real Estate (2015), and Business in Vancouver’s Most Influential Woman in Business (2015). Renée has served on various boards, including the Breakfast Club of Canada’s National Board and the First West Credit Union.

Brad Klassen, Partner, CFO

Brad Klassen

Partner, CFO

Bio Coming Soon.

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