Gateway 286 Project Moves Forward as Development Permit is Submitted

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Troika Management Corp., alongside Spayum Holdings and PR Petroleum, celebrates a major advancement in the Gateway 286 project in Merritt, BC, with the submission of the Development Permit Application. This milestone caps over three decades of collaborative planning, promising transformative regional impact.

Troika Management Corp., along with partners Spayum Holdings and PR Petroleum, are excited to announce another important milestone in the development of Gateway 286 in Merritt, BC. The Development Permit Application submission marks a significant milestone in over 30 years of collaboration and planning, promising a transformative impact on the region.

This development is a testament to the collaborative partnership between Troika, Spayum Holdings, and PR Petroleum, deeply respecting the historical and cultural heritage of the Nicola Valley indigenous nations, while being a participant in economic and cultural reconciliation.

Renee Merrifield, CEO of Troika, emphasized the importance of this collaboration, stating, "This project goes beyond development; it's a step towards economic reconciliation and honoring the legacy of the Nicola Valley nations. We are dedicated to creating a space that embodies the values of the local Indigenous communities while fostering economic growth for Merritt. This partnership is a shining example of how we can build a future based on respect and shared prosperity."

The development aligns with Merritt’s Official Community Plan Development Area 2 Urban Village, focusing on sustainability and innovative design.

Key features include architecture inspired by local and indigenous design, accessible public spaces fostering community interaction, energy management, water conservation, and a lower environmental footprint.

The landscape design incorporates natural plant selections, rain gardens, and geometries inspired by indigenous art, creating vibrant public areas that encourage engagement with the natural environment.

Situated at the vital intersection of Highways 5 and 97C, Gateway 286 has long been a key stop for millions of travelers to the Okanagan and Thompson Nicola regions. With growing traffic demands, the 7-acre site will be reimagined to include over 47,000 sq. ft. of commercial space, featuring electric vehicle charging stations, drive-through restaurants, a local sit-down restaurant, a coffee shop, and dog-friendly areas.

Gateway 286 is more than a commercial site; it is a catalyst for economic growth and community development. It will provide essential services to travelers and future communities in Merritt, generating economic benefits for the First Nation communities involved. The development will also enhance the surrounding lands, seamlessly integrating with the natural environment.

Troika is committed to continuous collaboration with indigenous leaders, ensuring the project stays true to the cultural and environmental values of the region. This shared vision aims for a sustainable, inclusive, and economically vibrant future for Merritt and its neighboring communities.

For additional details and project imagery, please visit: GATEWAY 286

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