Troika's Purpose-Built Rental Initiative Set to Undergo Key Steps for City Council Approval

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Troika Management Corp.'s latest rental housing endeavor is set to make its second appearance in front of Kelowna City Council in the coming weeks. The upcoming meeting will address the crucial next steps towards zoning bylaw adoption and development permit review.

Kelowna, BC – August 20, 2023 – Troika Management Corp.'s visionary rental project at the corner of Gordon Dr. and Lawson Ave. is making promising strides through the City Council's decision-making framework. At the forthcoming City Council meeting, the hope is that Troika's proposal will be expedited by the Council, swiftly passing the project through the first, second, and third readings. This streamlined process would reflect the project's strong alignment with Kelowna's 2040 Official Community Plan and the apparent urgency to address the city’s housing needs.

If the proposal successfully moves through these initial readings, it would then be presented for the final 4th reading, paving the way for the official adoption of the zoning bylaw and subsequent review of the Development Permit.

Troika remains dedicated to its mission of enhancing Kelowna's rental housing landscape. The development promises not just housing but also a vibrant community ethos, with units ranging from studio apartments to walk-out townhouse units, set in a six-story wood frame rental structure.

The project's strategic position, near downtown and running along the transit-endorsed corridor, Gordon Dr., is expected to answer Kelowna's escalating rental housing demands effectively. The proximity to mixed-use retail options adds another feather to its cap. What's more, the proposal's variance-free design ensures an increase in density while harmoniously blending with the surrounding environment.

Troika is optimistic about the upcoming City Council deliberations and believes that this project is yet another step towards shaping a vibrant and sustainable future for Kelowna's residents.

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